Davenport Brothers Construction

About Us

Honesty Integrity & Performance for decades, the management team of Davenport Brothers Construction has been serving the construction needs of businesses throughout Southeast Michigan. Through their consistent performance in pre-construction, construction and post-construction services, they have earned a solid reputation for their honesty and integrity, high-quality craftsmanship and customer-service orientation. Building on Our Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

For projects ranging in size from small to large, Davenport Brothers Construction brings an intense commitment to delivering the highest levels of customer satisfaction. To do this, the company sets uncommonly high performance standards for all aspects of construction service.

Headquartered in Belleville, MI. Davenport Brothers Construction emphasizes one-on-one, hands on-full service and meticulous attention to detail. As managers of the project, we are integrally involved from beginning to end, which ensures that you receive a construction project that exceeds your expectations.

With Davenport Brothers Construction as your construction partner, you receive exceptional knowledge, personal attention, responsive service, unsurpassed teamwork and top-quality craftsmanship. What’s more, you benefit from a work ethic that culminates in your project being delivered on time and on budget.

Building Successful Relationships

The Key to providing quality service and lasting excellence is having strong, mutually beneficial relationships with our customers, architect, subcontractors and suppliers.

Beginning early in the project cycle, you’ll establish a close working relationship with a single project manager. You or your representative will also be involved in regular meetings with all project partners, from architect and earthmover to electrical contractor and finisher. This ongoing communication assures that each project partner understands what is expected.

A constant flow of electronic communication further expedites delivery of information critical to keeping your project on target.

Building Loyalty

The performance consistently demonstrated by Davenport Brothers Construction has generated a growing list of loyal customers, vendors, suppliers and subcontractors.

For example, customers value Davenport Brothers Construction aggressive costing and attention to detail, which assure they receive maximum value for their investment. Workers, vendors and sub-contractors appreciate our record of on time payments, which enhances loyalty and on –the-job results.

Building More than Buildings

In addition to providing strong, high quality construction, Davenport Brothers Construction is committed to doing its part to build strong, vibrant communities.

Davenport Brothers Construction contracts local craftsmen, enabling project payroll to stay in the local community.

The management team of davenport Brothers has a long history of philanthropy, contributing both time and dollars to support worthwhile causes.

So wherever your job site, the local community will benefit.